Our project would not have been possible without the assistance of the knowledgeable librarians and archivists at:

The Archives State Agency in Yambol, Stara Zagora and the Central State Archives in Sofia, D.P. Sivkov Community Center Library – Nova Zagora, Geo Milev Community Center Library – Yagoda, Georgi Rakovski Regional Library – Yambol, Hristo Botev Community Center Library – Stara Zagora Mineral Baths, Iskra Municipal Library – Kazanlak, the National Institute for Architectural Heritage – Sofia, Petko Enev Community Center Library – Bayna, Rodina Community Center Library – Stara Zagora, Sava Dobroplodni Regional Library – Sliven, Sofia Municipal Library, Zahariy Knyajeski Regional Library - Stara Zagora, Zora Library – Sliven

We would also like to thank Gergana Gecheva, Evgeny Randev, Lilia Dimitrova, Milen Marionov, Pavel Karacholov, Peter Tcherninkov, Stefan Papukchiev for sharing their own research and work on the topic.

We are grateful for the time Stancho Stanchev – Mayor of Stara Zagora Mineral Baths, Dimitar Dimitrov – Mayor of Yagoda, Yordan Gechev – Director of the Pavel Banya Balneosanatorium, Orlin Manolov and the staff at Yambol Municipality, Stara Zagora Municipality and Sliven Municipality, and Gospodin Gospodinov and helpful staff at the thermal baths in Kazanlak, Ovoshnik and Korten Mineral Baths, took to help us with site visits and sourcing information.

And last, but not least we are much indebted to Kamelia Peychinova and Emanuil Antonov, and Tatyana Boneva and Zhivko Baklev for being our kind hosts and helping us reach even the most remote of locations, and to Slavka Dimitrova and Krastio Kararadev for their assistance during site visits.